Sabriel Fatali Peregrine
IC Information
Nicknames: Sabi, Sabertooth Woman
Race: Cat-Human (Maonyanniichuan blessed)
Gender/Sexuality: Female/Lesbian
Age: 24
Birthdate: February 21, 1917
Birthplace: Europe
Height: 5'7"
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Grey
Residence: Unknown
Romantic Status: Polyamory (Aeryn) (Rosuto)
Hobbies: Exploring, herbal remedies
Likes: Stories, hot teas, good company
Dislikes: Dissention, dead ends
OOC |Info
Source: Original Character

Sabriel is Yuriba's self professed Wanderer.




The wanderer has grown these past few years, coming to stand at 5'9, and still maintains her lean figure though it's grown much tougher than before. Her hair has grown out to reach the small of her back, tied back with a simple leather band, though her bangs still persistently insist upon falling into her line of sight. Her eyes are the same shade of gun metal grey, still holding the hint of amusement and mirth they did before her journey.

What was once a pale complexion though is now toned a deep shade of copper from years out in the sun. Shoulders still narrow, they slope into well toned arms, and end in hands made rough and calloused by the years gone past. Her chest seems a bit smaller and her waist line still as curveless as ever. Most of her form is cloaked in layers of clothes though, donning something more appropriate for traveling.

She wears a button down white shirt with long sleeves. It seems to have been mended quite seamlessly in a few places. Over the shirt is a simple olive green vest and a thick khaki overcoat with plenty of visible and hidden pockets. A worn leather pack is perpetually slung over her right shoulder, the left strap looking to have been broken off some time ago, though it still holds its own. For bottoms she wears dark jean leggings that hug her legs tightly. A sleek black cat's tail sprouts from the seat of her pants and whisks restlessly from side to side, coming to rest near battered boots. The boots have seen many roads and it shows in the scuffed up brown leather and frayed black laces it sports.


The wanderer is usually very warm and personable to talk to. She likes to travel and lend a helping hand whenever possible. As of late she's become rather contemplative and spends much of her time away from home, instead wandering the island. Rumor has it she is seeking something of great importance.


Growing Up

Sabriel Fatalie was the child of Rose Fatalie, an unfortunate young woman who also had the penchant for wandering off at the worst of times. Rose and her child were secretly boarding a ship to the shores of eastern China when, for some unknown reason, Rose left the ship for a brief amount of time. When she soon returned, the ship was already underway, with a toddler Sabriel upon it's deck. The only thing she had to remember her mother by was the ring her mother had draped about her neck on a length of slender string.

Luckily, no harm befell Sabriel. One of the crew members found the wandering toddler exploring down below in the cargo hold and quickly alerted the Captain. It was decided that she be cast to the Church once they arrived at the next port, but when the Captain became enamored by the child's sharp curiosity and quickness, the course of the girl's fate soon changed. Captain Sergius Peregrine adopted the small girl, and raised her with the rest of his family upon the ship itself. The Peregrine's wandered across the face of the seas, never stopping, except to replenish their supplies and move on to where the port's soft enigmatic whispers pointed them.

She grew, along with the rest of her large family of brothers and sisters, learning how to do many of the things required of an adventurer. She never questioned why, however. And soon came her eleventh birthday, along with one of her brother's and sister's own. The Captain called for the anchor to be dropped and then addressed each of his children, explaining the tradition within the family and how each child would now cast out for shore and make their own way in the world. Wanderlust was a family trait, it seemed. So loaded with the basic provisions, a bit of money, and all that they had learned, the three began to row for the nearest shore.

Amongst the busy hustle and bustle of the streets, each child met one last time together before splitting, going their own way. Sabriel had questioned her father on what her original destination had been with her mother and so it was to Eastern China that she began walking. Unfortunately for her, in the wrong direction. She traveled over the whole of Europe, passing through Ireland with fond memories of a first love, across the great continent of South America, then finally found herself accidentally wandering across Yuriba. Below are the wanderer's stories in greater depth.

The Eastern Travels

OOC Notes
These stories, unless mentioned directly by the wanderer, are not IC knowledge.

Unknown, Arabian Desert: 1928

Stumbling out into the desert, the small child looked back at the colorful market she had just left, though rather unprepared. The girl was clothed in dark black leggings with a long-sleeved tan shirt, wearing thick black boots which had a hole punched through one sole. Not very good desert wear. Sabriel continued looking back for several long moments before a thought struck her. Her brother Yorke and sister Serina wouldn't be looking back like she was. With a small determined grunt, shifting her pack once more, the girl set out into the harsh desert land.

The heat of the desert was immense though and the girl ill-equipped to deal with it. Used to the rolling waves tossing the Captain's ship to and fro and the cool spray of salt water this new desolate land filled with nothing but heat waves and shimmering sand dunes began it's slow methodical practice of wearing a human down. It wasn't long before the girl fell victim to the harshness of the land. No more than twelve miles from the market was when Sabriel finally gave in to her body's demands and fell, tumbling down a particularly large sand dune and landing in a crumpled heap outside a small series of cave formations that offered a brief reprieve from the desert heat and wind.

It is here, skin blistered red from sun rash and mouth drained of all moisture, that she slipped into a fitful sleep. That night, a group of nomad desert riders came to the caves, seeking the same shelter that the young girl had earlier that scorching day. The temperatures had dropped amazingly in a short time and it was with some surprise that they found the child huddled in a corner, a small pack resting besides her side. The next day, the nomads took Sabriel back to their village and taught her how to survive in the desert and admire it's savage beauty.

After a year or so, the wanderer set off, all the wiser to the world and it's harsh ways.

Unknown, Russia: 1929

A nomad child wearing desert wear appearing in the middle of Russia isn't something that one sees everyday, yet it happened then. Sabriel made her way throughout the small village, ignoring the pointed stares and hushed murmurings behind cupped hands. She had set up a makeshift camp in the forest bordering the small village and wanderer from it only for food to supplement what she caught in the wild and information on the area itself. One night, while sitting outside of a tavern eating a small loaf of bread, a small shadow popped up besides the girl. This shadow was no bigger than Sabriel's hand but it could do fearsome things, and it showed her as much, effectively scaring the wits out of the girl. Up like a shot, Sabriel ran into the series of alleyways and then straight into the woods where she was staying that night. She did not lose the shadow though.

Azeban was it's name, a playful elemental comprised of darkness. She refused to say how old she was nor where she came from and took up residence on the girl's shoulder, not giving mind as to how it would look to the villagers. The villages didn't take to the sight of a mini dark being very well and thought the girl cursed, saying as much before driving her out of the village and onto her next destination. From then on, Aze rode in the girl's pack, to her great relief.

Ariano di Puglia, Italy: 1930

Sabriel and her new companion, Aze the shadow elemental, stumbled quite accidentally upon the Città del Tricolle (City of the Three Hills). It was an amazing place and one they explored quite avidly. To their delight, the pair discovered a series of caves where the villagers had once lived before they'd been abandoned in favor of a growing city. The caves hadn't been lived in by humans for close to twenty years ago and in the months to come it became a warm shelter where the pair exchanged many stories and much laughter.

Upon a trip into town looking for something to supplement their dwindling food supplies, Sabriel met a young man by the name of Tristian. He agreed to let the young girl earn meals by cleaning up his pottery shop throughout the busy day. Sabriel was a hard worker and in time Tristian began to teach her his art, though under the protests of being bored with nothing else to do. After a few more pleasantly untroubled months passed, the kind man opened his home to the girl and told her that she could move out of the caves that border the outskirts of the village when ready.

Overjoyed at the news and eager to settle down somewhere other than the hard rock floor of the cave, the girl rushed back to their shelter to pack her few belongings. An ominous rumbling shook the earth and it was Aze who first realized what it signaled. The shadow elemental ultimately saved Sabriel's life by pulling her deep into the shadow world when the vicious earthquake first struck. It collapsed many of the surrounding caves and devastated the Città del Tricolle, a place that both had been looking forwards to calling home.

When Aze pulled Sabriel back up through the darkness and into the light once more they both wordlessly looked down and surveyed the destruction from the top of the mountains. The potter's shop that had been passed down in Tristan's family for generations was in ruins. All thoughts of a home and safety were dashed from the girl's mind as the words from the Russian village came rumbling back to her, hurtful words, murmuring over and over 'cursed' and 'dark child'. Not wanting to cause any more misfortune to befall the kind man Tristan, the wanderer turned from the sight and began aimlessly walking off towards the western horizon.

Culmore, Northern Ireland: 1931 - 1932

After the disaster in Italy, Sabriel and her everlasting companion Aze made their way across the ocean to the chilled fields of Northern Ireland. They passed through the noteable town of Derry, sometimes sneaking into pubs for something to warm their spirits, before passing on up into Culmore. It was upon trudging through a farmer's field that she met Ciara O'Neill, a girl who had seen the spring rains pass fourteen times before setting eyes upon this rag-tag apparition trudging through her Aunt Molly's fields.

The wanderer, having survived to the age of fifteen, was shifting through the waist high grass in quite a vagabond condition when Ciara suddenly appeared in front of her. After a few wary questions and two nervously traded smiles, the girl deem Sabriel trustworthy enough and took the girl back to her aunt's home. Ciara's Aunt Molly was a warm and kind hearted woman who provided for the wanderer as though she were her own child. But just like her own child, Sabriel was made to earn her keep, and did she work to earn it. There was plenty to be done around the farm and Aze begrudgingly stayed out of sight since things seemed to be turning out so well. From mending the roofs during the rainstorms to feeding chickens and fixing stone fences, the wanderer took up her duties with a heavy passion. During these times, what the girl had considered just a friendship blossoming between herself and Ciara slowly grew to be much more. As winter gave way to spring, so did the thaw surrounding the two hearts of the young girls. They fell in love.

One cool May afternoon after having finished tending to the fields, Sabriel looked up at the clear blue sky and felt as though she could finally stop her wandering. She had found a place to belong and her heart had found someone to belong to. Moments later, the serene moment was shattered by the spot of grey on the horizon. After watching it for a few minutes and being certain that it was headed in their direction, the wanderer went to show Ciara. The girl blanched and then dashed back into the house, grabbing a few farmhands and her Aunt Molly before returning back outside. By this time, the plane was roaring across the sky and bearing down on the tiny farm. Without warning, it's gears fell into place and the plane streaked across the small green field they had planted two or so months ago, leaving behind a wide swath of ruined crops in it's wake. Five acres, with only two surviving.

A strange series of noises emerged from the cockpit of the plane, quickly followed up by a series of soft feminine curses. Soon, a young woman with large goggles was sliding out of the plane on shaky legs and a farmhand sent scurrying over to assist her. "Be careful now, lassie..." the man's rumbling voice murmured as he helped her down the last few feet off the plane without being injured. The woman only smiled gratefully and motioned Sabriel forwards before asking if she could climb the plane and retrieve her radio from inside. As the wanderer was passing by to do as the mysterious lady had asked, she heard the farmhand ask, "How far have yeh flown?" And the woman wearing the goggles simply replied in a voice swelling with pride, "From America."

As those words rolled past the woman's lips a deep soul aching pull tugged within Sabriel's chest. The girl brought a hand up to her chest to rub at the curious ache but it only seemed to increase the more she tried to settle it with the thought that all would soon go back to normal. It finally clicked that the ache didn't /want/ everything to settle and go back to normal. It instead yearned to have the young girl take up her journey of traveling and wander off towards this woman's 'America'.

Looking over one shoulder at her love, the wanderer knew it would soon be time to move on. Three days after Amelia Earheart had left, so had Sabriel, headed off for a country called 'America' though her heart remained behind with a girl whose eyes were as bright as the hills of Ireland and whose love would stay with her until their paths crossed again.

The Western Travels

Shawnee, Oklahoma: 1933-1934

A small farming town was what Sabriel and Aze were supposed to find themselves wandering into, with rolling fields of wheat. Instead, nothing but a thick red dusty wasteland remained, stretched from horizon to horizon. They'd heard tales of a Great Depression settling over the land and Sabriel had been anxious to see the land now referred to as the 'Great American Desert". What she came across wasn't quite what either her or Aze expected. For as far as the eye could see, a soft red dessert land stretched far out across the flat prairies. Once tidy farm homes were torn apart or worn down by the frequent dust storms that visited the area and turned into little more than shacks.

They made a stop to one such house and were told tales of how a person had to lie a wet washcloth over their face at night else be choked by the dust; how stuffing the cracks in the house didn't do much good because when they awoke in the morning the entire house would be coated in thick clingy dust. They told story after story and all the while Sabriel and Azeban, the shadow hidden of course, listened with rapt fascination. It seemed that there wasn't anything left of the great state Oklahoma but the worst had yet to come. On May 11, 1934, the worst dust storm of the Dust Bowl hit the Plains, blowing such huge amounts of dirt east that it's said it snowed red snow in New England that winter.

The farming community the two had wandered into just blew away.

The wanderer helped pack up the numerous families getting ready to leave and set off on the slow journey towards California. They set up camp one night in a state called Arizona, right on the outskirts of California. It looked every bit the desert they had left and it was hard to not feel discouraged at this fact. It was the low strumming of a guitar and the warbling vocal lyrics of a man everyone referred to as 'Woody' that drew them near and picked their spirits up. That next morning they were all headed out to California following the man with a renewed sense of hope. Things had to be better there, didn't they? After all, not all the rumors of that glorious place could be false.

To ease the hardships of traveling, Aze had learned to morph into the shadows of Sabriel's clothing, enabling her to view everything instead of staying in the wanderer's pack all the time. That way if trouble were to strike, the tiny protective shadow elemental would be ready for it. Though trouble did hit and Aze was unable to do anything about it. The trouble was prejudice. 'Okies' were labeled as undesirables and many different troubles arose from this. Okie children were banned from attending normal public school and their families were paid a lesser wage. From one thing to the next it continued on and on though the Okies persevered, the wanderer among their ranks. When she parted ways from her friends and as some considered her, family, it was with a bounce in her step and a jaunty tune by her friend Woody whistled into the night air.

Unknown, Nicaragua: 1934

The hot and sweaty jungle they found themselves in was rather unpleasant with bullets flying through the air like a mosquito's whine and white hot explosions detonating throughout the warzone. Sabriel ducked down into the underbrush while pulling her makeshift helmet down low over her eyes as she scanned the perimeter. She and Aze had come to Nicaragua only to be pulled into what the locals called a Civil War. The woman thought it was more a personal hell than anything. The enemy she'd been forced to fight these past months was the United States, which she'd been happily living in until just recently. A short yelp, followed by the heavy thud of a person hitting the ground sounded off somewhere in front of her hiding place. Sabriel winced and would make sure that the next poor bastard stuck to his post and waited for things to blow down before sticking his neck out again.

This game of hide and seek lasted for many long endless weeks where she and Aze not only fought against the few US marines that remained but also against the Conservative regime that had been erected. Her fellow guerrilla soldiers had been holed up in the Las Segovias mountains for close to five years when she had first arrived and instantly been drawn into their plight. She didn't quite like the thought of fighting those soldiers whose country she'd lived in happily for a year, but had little choice in the matter, having been forced into service.

The war even had an adverse effect on Azeban who had once been a gentle yet mischievous shadow being. Now, whenever danger drew too close for comfort, a dark feral quality came over the elemental and she shifted into the legend many of the natives still share to this day. 'La Venganza de los Lobo's de la Sombra', a fearsome wolf beast created from the shadows of the jungle's darkness, come to save the dying guerilla army and strike fear into the enemy's hearts. It scared Sabriel how much her companion was changing but since Aze had saved her life on more than one occasion these last few months, she turned a blind eye to the shadow's awakening bestial nature.

Finally, a boon was granted to them both as the US troops withdrew as a new government was elected, called Sacasa. The revolt had succeeded! It ended the war that had been raging across the countryside and brought much celebrating to the now free guerrilla soldiers. Their leader Gen. Augusti César Sardino soon reached an agreement with the new government detailing a grant of land for an agricultural colony, retaining a small armed band of 100 for a year, and amnesty for any and all past misdeeds.

Invited to share the spoils of their war, Sabriel declined, only wanting to leave behind the foul memories she had of the beautiful jungles surrounding the mountain she'd come to think of as her final resting place. Such a stark reminder of her near brushes with death did not belong anywhere she decided to settle down. So packing up her pack and the now silent Azeban, the two continued off down the mountain and towards the border of Nicaragua. It did not shock either one of them to hear that the man they had once been forced to serve under had been executed by the US National Guard under Somoza's orders, who she suspected would have a darker role to play in the country's future as time progressed. As hundreds of men, women, and children followed Sardino's own death at the hands of Somoza, the wanderer felt her heart harden as Aze sat quietly perched in the shadows of her clothing, and inauspiciously headed off towards their next unknown destination.

Miyakejima, Japan: 1935

The steady thrumming beat of the taiko drums and the surging waves crashing over the beach led Sabriel and Aze to the small island of Miyakejima. A burgeoning storm cloud had been chasing them halfway across the ocean and seemed to grow ever darker the more distance it traveled. The two quickly took to the village and were lost to the small crowd and lighted streets that surrounded them. There was something ominous hanging over the people of the village though. Low whispers followed the laughter of the children that darted from shop to shop as the elders stood grouped together and continued murmuring. It didn't take long for Aze to pick up the full story after lingering in one old fisherman's shadow.

There resided strange rumors of the Devil's Triangle, a mysterious area of the sea, where many fishing vessels became lost and never returned. Even stranger the fact that it appeared to be true. Several of the townspeople had gone out for a day of fishing the teeming seas only to never return when the sun began to set in the west. It was quite troublesome indeed. The storm clouds that had been gathering over the small island would not be silent any longer though and began to unleash it's furies upon the tiny island.

The girl and the shadow soon fled from the quickly emptying streets to find some form of shelter but all the inns had closed their doors in lieu of what appeared to be a fierce storm. No matter how many doors they pounded upon or how loud they yelled for shelter, it seemed the winds and rains of the storm would drown both their cries out. It was in a last ditch effort for shelter from the pelting rains that they ran for the docks to take shelter in a small tethered boat, slipping under the rain tarp stretched tight over the top. What was only minutes seemed like hours as the rain beat harshly against the boat's covering. A troubling snap was lost to the howling winds as the rope severed from the docks and the boat quickly slipped out to the churning ocean.

Soon they found themselves carried out to the spot the fearful rumors whispered about in the gloom of the evening. The ocean waves churned with sea foam and tossed the small craft further and further from any visible land and it wasn't before long, when the storm quieted, that the girl and the shadow peeked up over the edge and beheld an even stranger site. On what appeared to be the western side of an island were the remains of many a crashed vessel. It seemed as though the mystery of the Devil's Triangle had finally been solved and it had led them to the sandy white shores of Yuriba.

The Yuriban Travels

Yuriba Island: 1st Year

~To Be Continued~

Yuriba Island: 2nd Year

~To Be Continued~


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