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IC Info
Race: Kitsune (non-native)
Blessing: Hunyanniichuan
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Age: Appears mid 20s
Date of Birth: April 14th, Year Publicly Unknown
Place of Origin: Publicly Unknown
Height: 5ft 4in
Weight: Publicly Unknown
Eye Color: Blue, gold flecks
Hair Color: Dark gold
Bloodtype: O+
Sign: Aries
Likes: Young semi-soft cheeses, daffodils, fantasy romance novels.
Romantic Status: Unattached, presently Open.
Romantic Identification: Polyamorous, Open
Religion: Publicly Unknown
Residence: (Hidden)Ye Olde Shoppe, Yuriba
OOC Info
Source: Original Character
Notes: "Saberwind was created on:Sat Apr 27 17:59:25 2002" as outputted from the Yuriba MUSH database.


Originally brought to the island by Tanaku, late in the day on April 27 2002 to help with construction, though was all too quickly eclipsed in skill at such by Tanaku herself as Saber became more engrossed with interpersonal relationships and activities than with further creation and invention.



Saber with longer muzzle and feathered wings, by Rainwing.

Saber is near exclusively seen as a three tailed(often furled together) female fox woman, indicating some original traits of her non-native kitsune form seem to be leaking through the Hunyanniichuan blessing.

Sporting a more blended appearance than the usual kemonomimi[1] style common about Yuriba proper, she seems to be one of the last few with feral features: in particular tending to tout a shortened muzzle, digitigrade legs, and golden fur with black accents.

Saber has been overheard as referring vaguely to the feral features as a mask behind which to hide the true beast within.

Perhaps due to undiagnosed madness, emotional or morphic instability, or simply whimsy, Saber can at times look... a bit different.

Early Yuriban History

Saber arrived from a non-Earth realm as a foxman (male kitsune, non-native) due to Yuriba's dimensional nexus status, and about a month later directly following a plea from Breisleach was given permission to use the closely guarded Hunyanniichuan spring.

Saberwind gained the dubious distinction in 2002 of becoming the official guardian of Yuriba's ONLY male spring: the spring of drowned foxman, another non magic granting spring that has long since dried up.

Saber for some months in late 2002 was appointed by the Town Council to an official position as a helper of newcomers.

Saber also had a large hand in helping to construct and maintain the first public school for Yuriba. Though she took no hand in teaching, herself.

Saber seems to be prone to long periods of reclusion, which she refers to as 'hibernations'. The first of which went into effect during 2004, perhaps directly linked to the unexpected dissolution of her marriage to Atara around the same time the year prior, and seem to enact on a rough annual cycle with various periods of torpor interspersed at random.

Saber ran a Pawn shop that was accessible from the main roads for quite some time, leaving its business end to itself during the first hibernation. This shop saw most use as a vendor spot instead, and has long since fallen into disrepair.

Yuriban History 2014 to Present

Saber has recently begun to stir again, becoming increasingly active as of early November. Theories about the sudden reappearance range from looking for adventure after such a long time reclused, to perhaps a more sage attitude has finally taken root during her time away and she seeks a greater spiritual connection with the land and its inhabitants.

Much credence is lent to the latter as upon unburdening herself to several friends, and finally seeking counsel of Breisleach in The Baby Seal regarding being unable to escape from the fallout of Saber's failed marriage to Atara and the weight of every past decision, Saber appears to be in search of the goddess Issui for help in learning how to break out of the longstanding circle that the spiral of her life has become, to finally move forward towards her future.

Though Saber has been overheard as remarking, after examining previous decisions and inclinations and temperament, that it would be ironic if she already had a predisposition or alignment to the goddess Issui, even if no connection as of yet. But given Saber's sometime lack of perception regarding subtleties, the sad truth may be she has simply missed every single little sign meant to save her from herself during the past decade and more upon the island.

Saber has also publicly made statement that she would like to learn how to try "to subjugate some of the nasty beasties running around on the outskirts [of the island] through sheer force of will." Though if this is possible at all let alone to learn such without getting herself massacred in the process, is presently unknown.

Saber has been found lately wandering the northern mountains as if lost. When questioned, she has answered she is following vague accounts gleaned from the resources of the Moonglow Shrine and Yuriba Free Library, and a comment from breisleach herself (though, around that time, cropped up the phrase: "You make the most dubious life choices, Saberwind."), to find and meditate in the presence of the Qilin. However, she does not seem to know the purpose, giving responses such as "to see what I can learn" and that she feels compelled.

Noises have been heard emanating from Saber's old store, a little placard stating 'under renovation' hung upon the door and the word 'pawn' has been removed from the sign out front. While the store is still firmly closed, through the windows can now be seen various curios and antiques, the flotsam of ever changing island life.


Saber is fiercely loyal to those she considers a friend, but has mellowed quite a lot since her first year on the island.

Saberwind by Atara, circa 2002.

Additional friends from the past: Ran, Videl, Sonia, and Willow. And also Tanaku! Saber had an interesting friendship with Phil-chan, being somewhat protected by her, then later had a regrettably rather bitter falling out over other terms without having known of the previous protection at the time.

Saber had close ties with the Town Council of Yuriba. And was particular friends with Furrysaint, Merin, and Breisleach who even designed a particularly stunning peacock outfit for Saber's Halloween use.

While still failing to deal with her pain from the past, Saber does not appear overly averse to the concept of trying to move forward, should a strong friendship develop first.


Saber has a little companion named Anuran, a non-anthropomorphic frog who has even had a relationship! Something Saber enjoys repeating: that even little frogs can find love, though everyone has to keep working hard for those Happily Ever Afters!

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