Miyako Tanaka

Miyako Tanaka
Quote: "Whatever's clever."
IC Info
Race: Human
Blessing: Anyingnyanniichuan & Tianshiniichuan ("Shadow Angel")
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Date of Birth: May 8, 1984
Place of Origin: Okegawa, Saitama, Japan
Height: 5'6"
Eye Color: Light and Dark Violet
Hair Color: Black
Bloodtype: AB-
Favorite Things: Friends
Likes: Alcohol, Autumn, The Beatles, the color purple, the month of March, MST3K, napping, science & technology, stealing hats
Dislikes: Drama llamas, religion, sex wanting fiends, whiskey
Romantic Status: Single, not looking
Religion: Agnostic
Residence: Aysuna Cliffs, Sun Lily Suites, Emberwick Atoll and Minato, Tokyo, Japan
Occupation: Auctioneer
Part-owner: Capsule Corner, Crimson Rose and Sword, New Moon Eatery, Sun Lily Suites, and Casey's Garden
Manager: Tanaka & Black Fish Shack & Yuriba Lottery
Member: Town Council
OOC Info
Source: All original!

Miyako Tanaka is a Anyingnyanniichuan/Tianshiniichuan-blessed human, hailing from Okegawa, Saitama, Japan. She came to Yuriba in 2004 out of curiosity and has since become one of the wealthiest women on the island. She is part-owner of several business ventures alongside her best friend, Shay Black.

Many may recognize Miyako from the Silent Auction, which has accompanied the Anniversary Festival since 2008. Other accomplishments are tied with the Yuriba Lottery and the Tanaka and Black Fish Shack, which she's invited another best friend, Shima "Pon" Katase, to help create.

In November of 2013 she was appointed to a position within the Town Council.


Psychological data

Miyako, in pixel form!

General personality

Anti-social. Though it really depends on the day. For the most part, Miyako prefers to stay in the company of, at most, a few friends in a secluded location. Big groups of people tend to make the woman uneasy, but if needed she'll step into a populated area and be the center of attention, as seen during the yearly auctions. Alcohol also helps in easing the social anxiety.

Speaking of which, she is known as a hard drinker and can often be found intoxicated even early in the day. She tends to eschew local liquors in favor of a stash of alcohol she imported from outside the island- though when she breaks out the whiskey things usually get ugly. She is often motivated into action by boredom and tends to constantly seek new outlets for her energy, among them entrepreneurship and posing for the swimsuit calendars.

She has a bit of a playful streak to her and can be described as feminine despite her preferences for jeans and t-shirts. Among friends she has been known to tease and joke frequently, and she enjoys sharing laughter with those she cares for. As one who values her circle of friends greatly, she is loyal to and protective of those she cares for and has been known to develop very deep, almost sisterly friendships.

Despite being on the island for more then a decade, magic-use and people less than humanoid in appearance are unsettling to her; it's nto an uncommon sight to see Miyako tense or turn to a friend should either appear around her.

Her spirit of entrepreneurship is evidenced by her repeated purchases of businesses across the island, as well as by her annual hosting of Yuriba's silent auctions, through which she's enriched herself massively. She is also known for being dedicated and caring of her business interests, going as far as standing in as a waitress at the Crimson Rose and Sword or New Moon Eatery when their respective staff have other tasks to tend to. Another example took place during the Eruption of 2012, when Miyako's house in the Aysuna Cliffs was destroyed by the constant aftershocks- the entrepreneur sacrificed time from rebuilding her house and instead invested it into fixing damages sustained to the businesses which were damaged.

While Miyako is known to spend the majority of her days on work related items pertaining to her various business interests she does not let the general stress get to her. In fact, when not working she can be found enjoying the many fruits of her labor But, it can get hectic and times and lead her to wander aimlessly around the park or the boardwalk in an attempt to blow off steam.

Romantic preferences

Tanaka's romantic relationships seem to be mostly sporadic and spontaneous. For the longest time, she was not engaged with anyone for the long term nor did she exactly look for any sort of relationship whatsoever, preferring just to let things happen as they may.

She was involved in an on and off again relationship with Teagan Richards, peaking with their engagement before their breakup, and inevitable makeup... and the redhead's departure once more from the island.

If asked today about her preferences, she'd more than likely start swearing in Finnish and wander off.

Though she has a bit of an exhibitionist streak, this seems to stem more from boredom with the more sedentary Yuriban lifestyle than anything.

Circle of Friends

Miyako has a large circle of friends, both in Yuriba and not. For the most part though, she's usually part of an entourage consisting of Shay Black, Pon, and Rain at some random location on the island.

Her friends know who they are and more than likely where they stand.

Just another weekend!


Early On

Miyako wouldn't exactly consider her childhood to be anything special, the majority of her youth being spent within a rather crowded neighborhood in Okegawa. She had a handful of friends like any other girl her age. Although what stood out about her since birth was her eyes: two different shades of violet- to make matters worse she required a pair of prescription glasses in her adolescence, causing what felt like more attention to be brought to the odd and mismatching shades of purple that she hated. Miyako wished that if she were to have eyes of an “odd” color that they'd be green rather than purple, quite possibly the reason why lime-green would be a second favorite color of hers. She remembers being bullied about the color once, fighting back and consequently being suspended for it, after this bullies never seemed to be much of a problem any more.

In the classroom she achieved average grades, with exceptional marks in science and history and quite the opposite in math. Outside the classroom she had a small clique of friends, the notable of which being Nara Yamamoto, who would eventually become her best friend.

Teenage Years

Eventually Tanaka found love with a male student in an adjacent homeroom. While it may have left an empty and one-sided feeling within, Miyako pushed onward with the relationship. There was some questioning towards her sexuality, but disdain for this- especially from her father- lead to her suppressing these feelings.

The majority of her youth when not in school would be spent with her clique of friends, Nara being an integral part of this collective. The group would swear that they were something special which the 'outsiders' wouldn't or couldn't grasp – although hanging around a 7-Eleven or the arcade and playing around until it's late at night doesn't quite make anyone special. When not outside, she was occupied at home with school work, though extracurricular activities included playing video games or simply relaxing with a friend or three and watching the latest Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode on the television.

It was also around this time that she accepted and grew comfortable with her eyes, wearing more purple here and there to further accent the imperfect pair and turning the weakness into her best trait.

St. Agnes Academy for Girls

When the time for high school arrived, Miyako was to attend the St. Agnes' Academy for Girls- a Catholic girls' school far away from Saitama. As devout Catholics, Miyako's parents desired to teach their daughter religious values; even in early childhood Miyako had expressed little interest in religion, much to their dismay. The summer leading to her move to the school was met with many arguments with her parents, it finally peaked when the rebellious teenager ran away with Nara for two weeks before finally returning home and accepting her fate.

Miyako's first year at St. Agnes was met with more rebellion, the teenager doing only the minimum required class work and only accelerating in her extracurricular activities– mostly with the third year students. The new arrival's skills in the technology field was quickly noticed by the senior students and eventually the freshman could always be seen with groups of older students in exchange for doing various homework assignments or fixing computers. While some of the students wished to take Miyako up as a petite soeur she would deny these requests, seeing the whole tradition as pointless and silly overall. When not spending time with the senior students or attending classes she could usually be found inside of her dorm writing letters back home to keep in touch with her friends.

The second year started off rather rocky, the majority of her friends graduating leaving the academy and her relationship back in Okegawa falling on hard times due to her departure. It was during this year that she met Rachel Anderson during lunch in the cafeteria. Noticing the overall shyness of the woman, Miyako was for some reason determined to help. The two women grew to be very close friends, eventually leading Miyako to give her rosary to Rae, establishing a formal relationship between the two: they became soeurs, Miyako the grande soeur, Rae the petite soeur. This "sister" relationship has endured ever since and continues to in Yuriba.

While Miyako may have initially found the soeur system to be pointless, she grew rather close with Rae- eventually getting to the point where Miyako found herself in school yard fights with other students due to them seeming to pick on the shy freshman. Around this time Rae had a crush on Eiko Kusanagi, a third year student, noticing this Miyako began to frequent around the senior student. In time a soeur relationship was established between Miyako and Eiko, which helped Rae out greatly. While Rae knows that Miyako did this on purpose, to this day she plays it off with a blush on her cheeks, stating that it was just one big coincidence in such a small world.

The remainder of the second year finally saw the once reclusive and reserved woman to come out of her shell, though this could be attributed to her new younger sister helping Miyako get involved in things going on about the school. Eventually she gained more friends, both senior and junior. She also began to participate in pickup games of field hockey and even going as far as re-enacting Sailor Moon with several friends on the school yard one spring afternoon.

The conclusion of her second year took a slight turn when her boyfriend wrote a letter to her, ending their relationship. Having more or less expected and accepting it, she moved on with little ceremony.

In the end she graduated, passing the religious studies portion with the minimally accepted grade- it probably never helped much that she openly referred to the class as mythology.

Return to Okegawa

Once back in mainland Japan, Miyako was offered a partial scholarship to the Tokyo Institute of Technology- high marks in technological related classes being noticed. This scholarship was entertained for a month before being turned down. This, along with her lack of religious values and continued questioning of sexuality caused fallout with her parents and lead to her subsequent moving out and hatred of her father, who told her upon her departure that she would never amount to anything.

Miyako moved into an apartment in Saitama with Nara Yamamoto, enjoying independent living for a change. Eventually she went on to become an EMT within a neighboring city of the Saitama prefecture. The income from full-time employment combined with the support of multiple roommates allowed her to live comfortably. Eventually she saved enough and was able to purchase a motorcycle- while not a practical primary means of transportation, she took to ripping through the streets of Saitama and Tokyo rain or shine.

Most of her weekends were usually spent in the Shibuya ward enjoying the nightlife, clubs and bars were the popular pick, along with idling at the terminal and simply people watching during the sunrise after the late nights.

Eventually Miyako heard of Yuriba through word-of-mouth and decided to seek it out and explore the island for herself. While she may have "had it all" back in home, she wanted to live with a sense of adventure and take a chance. Her roommates understood, electing to stay behind.


Life has been interesting in Yuriba since her arrival, why not meet with her in person and ask her about it? This section may or may not be worked on in the future.


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