IC Information
Gender/Sexuality: Female/Lesbian
Original Form: Human
Blessed Form: Langnyanniichuan (Wolf-Girl)
Place of Origin: United States of America
Birthdate: Undisclosed (Late 20's)
Height: 5'6"
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Romantic Status: Single
Jobs: Owner of The Little Things
House Location: Behind her store The Little Things
OOC Information
Source: Original Character

Chasa is a young woman who ended up being one of the many finding themselves on Yuriba through a mysterious means. But while she's not the most social, she has enjoyed her time here and made a place for herself on the island.


Physical Description

Chasa is a pretty normal looking human. She has shoulder-length glossy brown hair, heart-shaped face and hazel eyes which usually are a soft blue. She wears glasses and silver hoop earrings with a purple stone. She's about average in terms of body shape. In decent shape though she doesn't go out of her way to exercise. She wears a necklace with a half key on it prefers to dress in casual, comfortable clothing.


Chasa tends to be kinda shy though she's doing better. Aside from usually keeping to herself. Mostly it just takes a little time of her getting comfortable with someone to be less shy. Otherwise she's pretty normal. She's usually a nice person, and generally likes being kind to people though it doesn't mean she's a pushover. She can get angry, and things piss her off. Sometimes she can be pretty sarcastic, and joke around as well as enjoy a good joke in turn. She likes to help out friends, and willing to offer a hand to help others despite her usual shy nature.

Hobbies are definitely reading, she loves to read. Usually fantasy books but some fiction books if they catch her interest. As such she has a great interest in mythology and mythological creatures, particular the phoenix. She also loves animals, particularly the big cats, platypus, and really many others. Aside from that she enjoys writing stories and crafting. Various kinds of crafts, which lead her to opening her shop and making plushies. She's a fan of TV, movies and the like as well. Known to spend plenty of time(probably more than she should) in front of the TV or computer. Video games as well though that's faded some. She's explored the island some, but not thoroughly. Not that she doesn't enjoy it, but has just kept mostly to her home and shop.


Before Yuriba

Chasa was born in the US. When she was little her parents separated and she was raised alone by her mother for most of her life. Eventually her mother remarried though. Other than that she had a pretty normal life. She was never really that social but usually had a view friends throughout her school years. Being an only child lead her to using her imagination and playing with her toys, and eventually her love of reading. So yeah basically she grew up, went to school and did okay but wasn't really a brain or anything. She never really was a troublemaker though occasionally got into some mischief. She moved around a couple times, changing entire states between elementary and junior high school. From there she eventually graduated high school and went to a community college for a couple years before dropping out. She has a few cousins on both her mom's side and step-dad's(though he's basically her dad) side. She cares about her family even if she isn't real close with them.

Island Life

Chasa woke up on the island, specifically the wading pools. She has no real memory of how she got there, or even really what she was doing back home before coming here. It's all kind of a blur. So for her, basically she just knows she was going about her day and then suddenly woke up here. From there she wandered around a bit. Ended up in the forest and got lost, turned around. While trying to find her way out she came across one of the local harvest bears which became angry. She thought she was going to die, or at least be severely wounded when to her surprise a platypus came into view and faced off against the much larger bear. Chasa swears the platypus, who later became Tabris, seemed to crackle with electricity. And when the bear came at her it was shocked and ended up leaving. From then on Chasa has kept Tabris with her. Tabris herself seems to have become Chasa's protector though after the incident with the bear she's been pretty safe anyways so mostly she stays in Chasa's home.

Aside from that Chasa didn't do too much. Met a couple people and went around a little. But eventually she turned her attentions toward making plushies and opening a shop in town. She ended up finding a couple strange books from her limited exploration of the village and library that taught her how to make the plushies do things, become magical essentially. From there it was a matter of working on making a few plushies to start and building and opening the shop which happened about mid-October 2013. Once open she made several seasonal plushies and a couple more permanent ones. Other than that she's kept a pretty quiet and often solitary life on the island. She's made a couple friends she cares about, and has even ventured out to a couple of Allya's open mic nights at The Baby Seal reading her old poetry. Now a days she keeps to her house and the shop, working with her apprentice Lorai to make plushies and experimenting with various crafts and things hopefully for the future.


Chasa has the wolf-girl blessing. But it wasn't exactly intentional. The blessing came about because of a time when she was exploring the forest and got a bit lost. It was late at night when she came across the spring, and while she had heard a little about them she didn't know too much and accidentally ended up in the spring and received the blessing(OOC: It was actually really late after solving the puzzle and I wasn't thinking, accidentally entering the spring, thus blessed hehe. So decided to just roll with it ICly). She has mixed feelings about the blessing. Though she's gotten better about it with the help of her friend Nell, but she still doesn't embrace it so to speak. She likes wolves, so there's that, but the blessing is something else. While she knows there's ways to get rid of the blessing she feels that even though it may have been a kind of accident or poor judgment on her part, the blessing is a part of her so she'll stick with it. She just doesn't usually change into her blessed form.


Chasa's powers aren't exactly easy to define. She often doesn't think of them much as powers, though others would probably say otherwise. Her abilities are best described as Artifice generally involving plushies and making them move around and perform special actions though she works to branch out into other kinds of objects, tinkering.


Chasa has a loyal and well loved companion in the form of a female platypus named Tabris. She can tell Tabris is smarter than a normal animal, quite sentient. And even though she hasn't seen any further examples, Chasa believes Tabris has some form of ability dealing with electricity. Otherwise Tabris is a pretty quiet companion. She hangs out in the shop or usually back in Chasa's home. She's protective of Chasa, but otherwise easy going. Tabris doesn't really like the winter though, especially on the island so she rarely sticks her head out of hiding during the winter months except maybe when Chasa has the fireplace roaring.


Nell- Nell was a good friend of Chasa. She was very out there and positive and helped Chasa kind get out of her shell a bit. Nell use to run the Sunrise Café up on top of Riverview Apartments, and loved making crepes and other dishes. She would often go about, usually dragging Chasa along, to drum up business by talking to people and handing out samples. In March 2015 it seems that Nell left the island, though she seemed to have been gone for awhile and Chasa definitely misses her but knows she must be doing well.

Neiko- Neiko is a shy, but really sweet cat-girl that Chasa has gotten to know through Nell. She considers her a good friend and enjoys her company.

Kenina- Chasa met Kenina through random encounter as most acquaintances usually are. She finds her nice and fun, a good friend. Kenina has helped Chasa out when building the shop and is a strong supporter of her craft.

Rockpath- Chasa met Rockpath with Kenina, and likes the young woman finding her polite and cheerful. She's also been a good supporter and purchaser of several plushies which Chasa appreciates.

Evinga- Evinga is one of Chasa's closest friends, a real good friend and someone Chasa is fond of. Evinga always is very supportive and encourages her, even though Chasa doesn't believe all her compliments but finds them nice. Usually they just hang out. Chasa finds her interesting because of her job as a reaper, and because she's traveled a lot and seen many things.

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