IC Information
Gender/Sexuality: Female/Bisexual
Original Form: Human
Blessed Form: Hunyanniichuan (Fox-Human)
Current Form: Diaoxiangnyanniichuan (Oread-Fox-Human)
Place of Origin: United States of America, Midwest
Birthdate: August 1996
Height: 5'2" or 5'3"
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown (Reminiscent of the earth)
Romantic Status: Single
Jobs: Owner of The Sleepyfox Bakery
House Location: Across from the Spring (#19707) on Engetsu-san on the Mid Rowan Trail
OOC Information
Source: Original Character

Rockpath found herself on Yuriba in the late January of 2013. She has been actively exploring the island, though there are places that she might be ignoring because of some minor distractions. Though her full name is Rockpath, she prefers others shorten it to Rock or Rocky.


Physical Description

In her usual form: Hunyanniichuan (Spring of Drowned Foxgirl) can do mysterious things to a person, and it so happened to give Rockpath some fox ears and a tail. The woman's height of 5'2" has been added to by about 4 inches because of the ears atop her head. The fur is the same color as her hair, meaning a dark brown that could sometimes be mistaken for black. The tips are white, though. Swishing behind her is a fox tail that follows the same color scheme of her ears. Looking closer at her might reveal the fact that there's a hint of green in her brown eyes. Oddly, her hair is not pulled back in its usual ponytail, instead being down. Her hair reaches down to just past her shoulders, parted off-center and usually tucked back.

On her right wrist, despite not being left-handed, is a watch that is just always there. A necklace always hangs around her neck, the golden chain and charm sometimes visible. Once in a while she might wear a belt with her jeans, more for style than anything.

Rockpath is, as usual, wearing jeans, a t-shirt, and a jacket to go with it. The jeans show off the shape of her legs quite nicely. They are a faded blue, the mark of time, and flare out ever-so-slightly at the ends. Covering her feet are a pair of tennis-shoes (gym shoes). They look a bit scuffed up from the constant walking around the island. Her shirt is, more often than not, a solid color with a picture or cartoon or logo on the front, with something usually on the back as well. Her jacket often has large letters stenciled across her chest, advertising a college or clothing brand.

When Rockpath is completely a fox, she looks like this: Instead of the usual Foxgirl one would expect to see on the island, Rockpath is currently scampering around as an actual fox. This fox is only about 2 feet tall and 3 feet in length (not including the tail, which is a good 2 feet in length). The color scheme of her tail and ears hasn't changed, nor has the color of her eyes, which are brown that tends to change shades in the light. Her pupils, however, are the foxlike vertical ovals instead of having a circular shape. Her fur is black excepting for the white tip of her tail and ears. On her upper left leg seems to be markings that look to be kanji.

In Her Current Blessed Form: Rockpath has adopted Diaoxiangnyanniichuan (Oread-Girl). While her fox-ears and tail are still present, she seems to have a greater affinity with the earth and doesn't seem to be affected by pain as much.


Rockpath is a very kind person, generally. She tries to have an open mind and takes everything in stride. She'll often try activities new to her, though heights are not her strong point. She's willing to do anything for one she considers a good friend, and will try to maintain ties with everyone she likes. This may cause her to rush about back and forth between people, so hopefully nothing too conflicting will happen. Rockpath will gladly allow people to stay with her if she has enough space in her house.

Rockpath is eager to meet new people on the island, and she may come off as very outgoing. Waving quickly to a new face, or even a person she doesn't know well, is not uncommon with her. She's a naturally curious person, which means a lot of questions will be asked when she finds something that piques her interest. She dislikes lying, so she tends to tell the truth. While Rockpath avoids lying as much as she can, she will not hesitate to obscure the truth when she finds it necessary. It's not lying, it's just not saying everything!

Her hobbies include, but are not limited to, jogging/walking, painting, writing, drawing, talking, listening to people, listening to music, reading, learning, and stargazing. Rockpath has found herself spring hunting recently. And she also is taking an interest in the local culture (religion) as well as those strange Tarot Cards she keeps finding in the most random of places. So far, Rockpath (along with her ex-girlfriend Kenina) have found 27 springs. (Human, Panda, Bunny, Ferret, Cat, Wolf, Shadow, Light, Deer, Crane, Squirrel, Demoness (technically), Harvest Bear, Kangaroo, Salamander, Snake, Tanuki, Sylph, Dryad, Naiad, Otter, Butterfly, Angel, Oread, Fox, Monkey, and Qilin).


Before Yuriba

Rockpath was born (as a normal human) outside of the United States (China, to be exact), but moved shortly after she was born. Because of this, she cannot remember anything about her home country. However, she is very happy to have entered her parents' lives. Her father's job caused her family to move once more, making the Midwestern United States her home. Both of her parents work hard at their jobs while she herself works part-time in an office building. Before coming to Yuriba, she went to a high school that was located somewhere outside a major city. She would take the train in order to get to her school, walking the rest of the distance from the train station.

She found herself on Yuriba when walking home from school during a snowstorm. While she misses her friends and family (and they, her), she has managed to find many new friends.

Island Life


Upon arriving to the island, Rockpath was quick to establish a home (with some help from Allya). She then continued to expand her house by inviting Shizuru into her life, marking the Japanese woman as the first roommate. During the early weeks of being on Yuriba, Rockpath spent time either with friends or at Leona's Bar. It was at Leona's that she met Alexis, who quickly became her girlfriend. She continued her adventures, meeting good friends like Raichel, from whom she often received advice. Eva, her second housemate, disappeared as quickly as she arrived, but this did not stop Rockpath from continuing to expand her house. The next person she invited in was Zemer, who surprised Rockpath with her very unique background.

Soon after Rockpath's arrival was the 2013 Yuriban Auction. While there wasn't much she could do at the time (her wallet was rather empty), she was able to snag a Ruriko Pinup and some Jusenkyou clue set for a small price. She did try her luck at the lottery, but the time she did win resulted in a small fortune that was of little help.

Sometime between this and that, Shizuru became Athletics Director at Rinkei Gakuen. Due to her knowledge of the more traditional sports (or lack thereof), Shizuru ended up requesting Rockpath to be her assistant. Rockpath occasionally helped her roommate with setting up games for baseball, soccer, and other sports that are more common in Western Countries than the Naginata lessons that Shizuru taught.

Into the end of spring, Rockpath spent less time at Leona's and more time forging stronger friendships with those she already met. Ericka was to be her fourth roommate, the two meeting by chance on the bridge across the river. Nothing amazingly exciting happened aside from a major house expansion. Emiko, and soon Mikazuki, were brought into the house, and neither were actually invited by Rockpath. Respectively, Ericka and Shizuru invited the two after requesting a bit of housing for them from Rockpath. It was set up so Mikazuki would have her own room while Ericka and Emiko shared their bed.

At the beginning of June (more or less around the same time as the housing explosion), Rockpath met Kenina, who quickly became Rockpath's Spring-hunting partner. The two tackled the many puzzles the springs had to offer, though Rockpath was less inclined to jump into the waters than Kenina. It took the couple very little time to zip through all of the currently known springs, though they've gotten into trouble for poking their nose into Inishie (once by Brysaihe, the other by Anna).

The Summer Matsuri came and went, marking the start of Rockpath's headway into business. The girl created a 'Domo-pop booth'. While it wasn't very popular, at least it was something. Matsuri also marked the beginning of Rockpath and Kenina's official 'going out'. Yes, the two were girlfriends after a multitude of teasing from people. Slightly before this, Swiss entered the household (courtesy of Emiko). The woman-turned-cat-girl was interesting to have in the household.

September, October, and November were all a bit of a whirlwind of activity for Rockpath. The Halloween Contest she entered in resulted in Kenina winning the funniest costume (as that curtain of spoons), while Rockpath was able to win a decorating contest (the cookie one). Things happened to result in a rapid shift of housemates. Nixie and Elips were invited to the fray while Swiss and Emiko departed. Shortly after, the newest pair disappeared, and so did Ericka during this time. This was also around the time when Madoka and Akagawa joined the household, though Rockpath still isn't completely sure on the timeline. As mentioned, it's a bit of a blur.

Rockpath decided to move her house from the beaches in the Faerie Portals to Engetsu-san's mountainside. It became a more permanent fixture on the island, much to Rockpath's delight, and she now has a yard with a few mini gardens. The girl also found herself gifted with elemental powers (that of fire and water) that she honed. After extensive training and a bit of luck, Rockpath slowly became able to access air, light, shadow, earth, and plant elementals.

After August and before New Year's Eve, Rockpath became a performer of sorts. She and Kenina danced at The Labrys and did interesting things (read a poem, play the sax) at the Baby Seal's Open Mic Nights. Around Christmas, things started to shift slightly in Rockpath's world, rocking a few relationships and creating new ones that continue to make her life a bit of a roller coaster.


With the New Year, Rockpath continued to make friends and roommates. Lugnasad and Maebh entered the household, much to Rockpath's happiness, and the latter brought in a young ninja named Michiko. Though Maebh was adopted by Allya and Atropa, she remained in the house for a bit longer before leaving to live with her new moms. Rockpath built, and later removed, a third floor to her house. Zemer, due to the fact she spent more and more time in her homeworld, decided to leave Rockpath's Home as well.

While the year was still new and beginning to green, Rockpath opened up a Bakery since Cinnamon shut down the Riverside Bakery (sadly... it was a nice bakery too!). The newest version of the bakery was dubbed the Sleepyfox Bakery (fitting for the new management). Rockpath hired Catherine to help her run the bakery, and the menu underwent a slow and slightly uneven change in its appearance and contents.

Around the start of her Bakery business, Kenina stumbled upon a hidden grove that unleashed some ancient spirits. A love triangle was unveiled, unleashing Idunna upon the island as well as some mandrakes (interesting plants, those be...). Whatever was unleashed was eventually set back into order with not-so-many casualties, though a few Guardians were angry that they weren't contacted when the trouble first started up. The whole series of events made Rockpath question just how careful Kenina was trying to be when her other half was exploring the island alone.

The springtime auction resulted in Rockpath winning a slot to be in the Yuriban 2015 Calendar (created by Rae). Those interested can see her wonderful (?) picture starred in the month of November. Some of her favorites in the 2015 calendar are Phoebe, Lily, Pamela, Ruriko, the Easter Egg, and herself (perhaps a bit biased, there...).

Rockpath isn't sure if it was at the same time as the Idunna situation or shortly after, but Kenina found herself in another spot of trouble where her shadow was stolen. Of course, when Kenina's shadow was finally returned to her, things just couldn't go smoothly. Instead of things going back to normal, Kenina found herself turned into a beast that reflected the many blessings she had taken upon herself. While the shadow-woman that had stolen people's shadows was defeated by Rockpath's house-mate (Michiko), Kenina remained in her beast-form.

It was around mid-August that Rockpath began to disappear from island life a bit, becoming busy due to several things non-Yuriba related (OOCly: the beginning of college). She was still about, but perhaps a bit less attentive and a bit more sleepy.

Mid-November was a sort of downfall for the girl, and Rockpath stayed inside for a lot of the time for reasons she tends not to discuss except with a few select people. Perhaps it was this that created the rift between herself and Kenina, resulting in their breakup. It was around November that she finally was able to talk to breisleach regarding Kenina's situation, and the latter was finally returned to her usual form.

November 2014 - October 2017

For this period in time, Rockpath was largely absent. While she was present throughout 2015, though perhaps less-so, she became even more scarce with the disappearance of many of her closer friends. Eventually, she simply moved off the island for a bit of time, choosing to stay with her parents and struggle through college life. Every now and then during breaks, Rockpath would check back in to Yuriba to make sure that her house was in repair. Occasionally she even tried to remake her life on the island, though the efforts were largely futile as she found no reason to stay.

November/December 2017

Rockpath finally found herself called back to the island, and starting to become a more consistent presence around Yuriba. While not much changed about the island, she noticed a number of the people she knew had left. She found herself having to adjust to the shortage of friends, and much of December was used to examine which friendships she was able to hold onto after a long absence. Around the same time that Rockpath returned to the island, so did Shizuru.


As Rockpath slowly started to readjust herself to life on Yuriba, she found herself growing closer to Shizuru, which may be rather unexpected given her roommate's uncanny ability to avoid answering questions. She met several new people at the beginning of the year, like Rinne, Bluebell, Leena, Madeline the Red, Abigail, and Kai. While some of these new faces seem to have come and gone, a few of them stuck around and interacted with Rockpath enough times that she would consider them a friend. In January, Rockpath found a certain wolf-girl had returned to the island: Cassidy, Engetsu's Sentry. Her reappearance was certainly not unwelcome, and it was fairly easy for the two to pick up where they had left off in their friendship.

As exciting as January was for Rockpath, with several attacks starring monsters from Shizuru's world, starting to date Shizuru is probably one of the top items on the list. Below that is probably how Rockpath acquired her Salamander blessing, which only slightly altered her appearance and abilities. She doesn't exactly go into details when asked about how she turned into a fiery fox, but she's fine with people asking. There was even more excitement in February with the arrival of a new housemate, courtesy of Shizuru. Abigail took up residence in the South Bedroom, Madeline the Red became a fast friend, and there was some sort of monster attack against Rockpath!

Life continued on as usual throughout February and March, though Rockpath's friend-pool seemed to expanded to include Fujiko and Klara! At the very least, she talked enough with Fujiko that it warranted a pleasant house-visit. Sometime in the middle of March, however, Rockpath seemed to disappear from the island with not much of a word. She was found about 5 days later safe and sound at her house, though, claiming to have needed to visit her family. It may have been a bit odd since she rarely leaves for as long as she did.

The auction happened near the end of the month of March, and Rockpath sold off some of her valuable free time so that she got to hang out with some lucky winner and earned a new bakery item on her menu. She also provided some sort of blessing to someone. She held a lot more interest in the items that she was able to purchase, though at a hefty price: quality time with Artel and Gianna! The former upgraded her wardrobe a little, and the latter just took the woman on an adventure (OOC Note: Adventure has yet to be RP'd, but it'll be awesome).

People She's Met

Note: Feel free to edit this section, since Rockpath may have forgotten a few faces and names. Just be sure to follow her format.


Abryn, Flame, and Leona - The trio of married women that Rockpath has encountered many times over because of her frequent visitations to Leona's Bar and Girl. She has found them to be very interesting and fun to be around. Leona's naga form initially surprised Rockpath a lot, but she's gotten used to it. She usually sees Abryn with breisleach while Flame pops in and out. She discovered at some point that Abryn can be very scary...

Ada and Pamela - Rockpath met these two at Leona's at some point or another (it was very early on in her Yuriba years). They are actually a couple, which Rockpath discovered eventually, and they got married! Rocky is friends with both of them (kind of). She knows Ada mostly from Leona's and Rinkei Gakuen.

Lasair, Rae, Vivian, and Suzume - All women have been encountered by Rockpath, some point in time, at Leona's. Sometimes Rockpath sees them outside of Leona's, but it isn't often. She once wandered up to Rae's house by accident, which wasn't the most comfortable of times. But Rae was really nice, she found. She likes Rae's artwork a lot and is determined to collect all those earlier calendars. She's run into Lasair a few times by now, and all the encounters leave Rockpath mostly confused.

Brysaihe - The first encounter with the sylph was very scary for Rockpath. So scary that she was hiding behind a rock the entire time. She's hoping that she won't encounter Brysaihe under those circumstances ever again. The Sylph is a very good shot with her bow and arrow.

Ielle - Rockpath knows Ielle mostly from frequenting Leona's Bar, though she's seen her in Allya's bar a few times. The few times outside of Leona's have usually been nice encounters. Sometimes Rockpath finds Ielle frustrating when Ielle doesn't understand something that is rather common knowledge, but overall has a decent impression of her.

Anna - Rockpath doesn't see Anna very often. But she remembers the women mostly because of the extensive Devil card usage during their encounters. She also finds it interesting that Anna spent time out at the Seal a lot. At least, that's usually where she saw her.

Becky and Llaiir - Becky is a very cute cat-girl that Rockpath saw most often at Leona's. Really, she wonders if Becky even leaves the bar at all. She's seen Becky fall asleep there way too many times to count. Llaiir was also at Leona's a lot. Rockpath rarely sees Llaiir leave the bar, though it's a bit more often than Becky. Llaiir and Becky both enjoyed pets from Rockpath when she saw them.

Danni - Danni is this person Rockpath met one day. And she can't exactly remember where or when. But she does know Danni taught at the local school and that Danni is very fond of caring for others. Once in a while she stopped by Danni's apartment if they didn't happen to meet up in a while.

Anne - Rockpath sometimes finds this person amazingly confusing considering the number of messages that seems to come from the combination of body-language and words. But she's pretty nice, so Rockpath didn't especially mind any of that.

Sei - This person really enjoys teasing Rockpath for some reason. Well, a lot of people like teasing Rockpath, but this person in particular enjoyed it! Rockpath met Sei at some point in time (she honestly doesn't remember. Most likely it was at the Brew with Shizuru).

Atropa, Aimiko, and Nasini - Rockpath usually sees any of these three at the Baby Seal. She enjoys the company of each of them, finding they all have their ups and downs. Atropa gets a lot of pokes from Rockpath, usually. Nasini, also commonly referred to as "EC", always seems to have her nose in a book. Aimiko is seen far less often, but Rockpath remembers mostly that she has a thing about people touching her.

Cheza - A very pink cat-girl that Rockpath met at Leona's. Cheza's helped Rocky out a little bit and is also very nice. The two sometimes go off on random adventures to the hot springs or to the forest to explore. Their latest encounters created a rift between them, so they haven't spoken to each other in a while.

Tetsuko - A shinigami, like Lily. Tetsuko seems to have a lot of knowledge about random things one would be interested in if that person enjoyed weapons. Rockpath does enjoy Tetsuko's company, and the reaper has gifted Rockpath with a wooden sword. At some point, Tetsuko declared Rockpath to be her rival. Rockpath isn't quite sure if she was serious or not, though...

Saberwind - Rockpath only just started seeing her about the island, though apparently she's been hibernating for the past while, which might explain why Rockpath hasn't met her before now. The fox-woman is pretty interesting, and Rockpath is considering trying to learn more about her. Sometimes Saberwind gets all giggly and blushy, which leaves poor Rockpath confused and wondering if she did something wrong.

Artel - Artel is a were-tiger. Don't run into those everyday! Rockpath isn't exactly sure about her sometimes, but she seems nice enough. Rockpath got a shopping trip from Artel in the 2018 Spring Auction, and she's not entirely sure how much she enjoyed the experience, but at least she came out with some decent (new) clothes to last her.

Klara - A mysterious gargoyle from some ancient time or whatever that Rockpath finds interesting. Sometimes she has very mixed feelings about the gargoyle for various reasons, but she generally finds Klara to be good company.

Kai - Kai is a half-demon that Rockpath ran into on the boardwalk one day. Rockpath finds that she's pretty good company and is curious to see what other conversations will spark up.

Yaksha - A full demon from the "7th level" or something. Rockpath prefers to be far away from this particular demoness.

Other people that Rockpath have met include: Kyra, Onyxia, Talmara, Silver, Asuna, Necahual, Abegweit, Cecily, Galeora, Natsuki, Haley, Beth, Falcio, Null, Yumi, Miku, Dakota, Nailo, Krystal, Kit, Ariadne, Violet, Muffin, Revy, Leila, Aria, Shula, Feanor, Samantha, Belialtrix, Zoey, Nadie, Kana, Keselin, Gianna, Ninette, Nalinya. (Really, she might as well know the entire population of the island excepting for those people who /always/ hang out in their houses and never see the light of day.)


Allya - Owner of the Baby Seal, Water Sprite, and an interesting person in general. They met outside during the winter when Allya was singing a song about her bar, strumming a guitar. Allya has all kinds of nicknames for Rockpath: Rockface, Facepath, Facerock, Pathface, and Pathrock. The girl still enjoys Allya's company, so she doesn't care too much.

Milly - Milly is a cat-girl on the island that Rockpath happened to run into one day. Milly's rather silly sometimes, but somehow manages to be very uptight about things too. Rockpath thinks Milly's personality can cause several issues with other people, but she tries to ignore them since Milly really is a nice person. Sadly, Milly seems to have left the island. While this is a bit disappointing to Rockpath, she hope that Milly is happy.

Madelaine - Cheza's girlfriend that Rockpath met. Despite the rather dreadful past Madelaine seems to have, Rocky doesn't mind one bit. She thinks the woman to be a friend, especially since Madelaine is dating one of her other friends! Rockpath calls Madelaine "Mads" for short, mostly at her request.

Serra - A Jedi healer at the Yuriba Clinic. Rockpath finds the Jedi very wise and interesting. Not all the encounters have been under the greatest of circumstances considering that she is a healer. But whenever the two talk, Serra always catches her interest.

breisleach - The Kitsune is the High Priestess of the Lady, which is pretty intimidating. But breis is usually pretty nice, and Rockpath has turned to her a good number of times when she needs advice. Since the fox has lived for a lot longer, she's usually got some good advice based on life experience, so Rockpath trusts it! Ok, maybe she's a little dubious, but overall she trusts the fox. breis is also a great resource when it comes to information about the island, though Rockpath feels a bit awkward asking so many questions.

Fujiko - Rockpath has seen Fujiko in quite a number of places, namely the Library, The Baby Seal, and Leona's. Most of their talks happen in the Seal since the two are usually busy with something else outside of there. Rockpath started to think of Fujiko as a friend after so many conversations, and they tend to talk at the Brew if they aren't at the Seal.

Ishatha - Thanks to the 2014 Auction, Rockpath was able to meet the cat-girl and actually get to know her. Rocky is glad that she was able to spend a day with Ish, and finds that she enjoys the cat-girl's company a lot.

Gwendolyn - The two met at the Seal quite a long while ago (at least it feels like that!). Since then, Rockpath has slowly and steadily gotten to know Gwen. Rockpath finds Gwen to be a great person, however stubborn she can be about things. She tends to have good advice, at least!

Ruri - Ruri was Shizuru's girlfriend. Rockpath finds Ruri to be enjoyable when hanging around her, if not a bit strange. The girl's tendency to drink and smoke is sometimes a bit off-putting to Rockpath, but it doesn't deter her from getting close to Ruri. A Slave attack rendered the girl into a coma, and it's uncertain when she will wake up. She was sent elsewhere for proper care.

Miyo - A fox that Rockpath found sleeping under the Sleepyfox Statue of her bakery. The two became fast-friends after a few encounters. Rockpath enjoys the little fox's company.

Five - When Five first came to the island, Rockpath remembers that the girl was pretty timid and skittish. Since Five arrived to the island around the time Rockpath was leaving, Rockpath wasn't able to see the slow transformation the Five underwent during her time on Yuriba. By the time Rockpath came back, she found Five to be grown up in many ways, which is sometimes a bit jarring! Either way, she was able to reconnect with the woman a bit more, and despite a few blunders along the way, they still maintain an interesting friendship.

Madeline - Madeline the Red is a dragon! She's a very cheerful dragon who is suprisingly young, even. Rockpath finds that her company is fun and enjoyable to be around. The dragon also helped Rockpath out when she was in a spot of trouble, so Rockpath is always appreciative of that.

Good Friends

Raichel - She's one of the first people Rockpath met on the island. Quite often, Rocky dropped by Raichel's house for an unplanned visit. Raichel got a job at the Yuriba Library, so Rockpath went there sometimes to see her friend. The woman left the island at some point. Rockpath imagines her duties as a Librarian forced her to disappear.

Sabriel - A(nother) cat-girl that Rockpath has met on Yuriba. The two met on a rainy day thanks to Mikazuki dragging her and Shizuru off in the middle of the storm. Rockpath is pretty glad Mikazuki did that, though, since she and Sabriel have become pretty fast friends. Also, Sabriel sometimes scares Rocky because of something mysterious!

Cassidy - A shy wolf-girl that Rockpath met one day in the park while talking to breisleach. Several encounters and a talk about Engetsu later, Rockpath now considers Cassidy her friend. Every once in a while, Rockpath and Cassidy will go hunting, which Rocky always finds different and fun.

Phoebe - A Phoenix-person (Rockpath is not entirely sure how it works) that Rockpath met at both Leona's and the Dragon's Brew. Rockpath finds Phoebe fascinating because she knows all this magic and forge stuff. Also, Phoebe's got an interesting background. Recently, Phoebe added a decoration to the Sleepyfox Bakery. That is, a large bronze statue that rests proudly near the path leading up to the bakery.

Atara - While Atara first intimidated Rockpath (I mean, who wouldn't be intimidated by a dragon...), Rockpath eventually discovered Atara is actually really friendly and fun to hang around. She likes to listen to some of the dragoness's life tales, and there's a good number of times that Rockpath will ask her for advice on island matters (Cuz not only is Atara a dragon, she's also a Guardian). They're pretty close now. It's nice.



Lugnasad (Lunasa) - Rockpath allowed Lugnasad into her home, as well as her girlfriend(?), Koakuma. Lugnasad continues to stick around despite the latter moving away. Lugnasad, who is a deer (Lunyanniichuan blessed), isn't around very often, but Rockpath enjoys her company when she's around.


Shizuru - Shizuru is Rockpath's first roommate. She teases Rockpath quite a lot. So much that it seems to have spread to her other roommates. Rockpath enjoys Shizuru's company, though, so she doesn't mind particularly. For some reason, Rockpath calls the girl "Shizuru-chan", which is a bit funny considering her roommate has always appeared very proper and graceful. Also, Shizuru is older than Rockpath (so it really doesn't make sense...). Shizuru decided to return back to her home in late 2015, much to Rockpath's disappointment. But Rockpath decided to keep her room as-is in case she ever returns. It was probably a good idea to do so, considering Shizuru somehow found herself back on Yuriba in December 2017. Sometime in late 2018, Shizuru once again disappeared from the island.

Eva - No longer a roommate of Rockpath's, her room having been given to Zemer. Her tattoos are rather fascinating. It's unfortunate that Rockpath hasn't seen her in quite a long time. In fact, Eva seems to have disappeared completely! She most likely was returned home, though Rockpath isn't sure how it happened.

Emiko - The girl was closer to Ericka and later Swiss more-so than Rockpath. She shared a room with Ericka since Ericka's the one that found her in the first place (and the two dated for a time). Now that she's created her own house (much to Rockpath's sadness), she has moved out along with Swiss.

Swiss - Emiko found her somewhere and so Swiss lived in Rockpath's house. There was enough room for her, fortunately. She seems very nice despite having been stuck in Antartica for the past 2 years. She also seems to be dating Emiko, as the two are moving into a new house together.

Ericka - Ericka is a very nice person who is overly fond of coffee (which Rockpath doesn't like at all). She used to room with Emiko (as the two seemed to be dating for a bit), but now both of them have decided to move on with their lives.

Elips - Elips was given Swiss's old room when she moved out. Rocky thinks Elips is very nice and hoped Elips liked it on the island. Though it seems that Elips has abandoned Yuriba in favor of returning home.

Nixie - Nixie is this really tiny fairy who can grow to about 4 feet when needed. She seemed to be staying with Elips (since Elips was the one who wanted the fairy to live in Rockpath's home) before she decided to find her own place.

Maebh - This girl is very cute. The conditions in which she came to the island are a bit unsettling (nearly drowned!), but it's fortunate Rockpath and a few others were there to help. Rockpath later decided to allow Maebh to stay in her house. They seem to have a relation similar to that between a big and little sister, which Rockpath doesn't seem to mind. For some reason Maebh thinks Rockpath is the worse teen-aged teenager she's met. Rockpath can't imagine why that would be... She is currently residing with Allya and Atropa, as the trio have a family thing going. Rockpath will definitely miss Maebh, but she's happy for her too. Plus, they still see each other!

Zemer - This person is green! And naked! That's what went through Rocky's head the first time she encountered Zemer. Really, it wasn't so much shocking as it was a bit unusual. But she's grown pretty fond of Zemer. Zemer's talked so much about her home planet that Rockpath and Zemer somehow managed to take a trip (or more) there and back. Quite a fun adventure~ Zemer was Rockpath's second-longest housemate and Rocky is very sad to see her leave the household. However, Zemer found that she would rather stay in her own world rather than make a home on Yuriba, and Rockpath can respect that.

Mikazuki - There's a native living in Rockpath's house now, thanks to Shizuru. Those two seem to know each other very well, and Shizuru offered Mikazuki a place to stay (to which Rockpath agreed). Except she holes up in her room almost all the time, so far as Rockpath can tell. Oh well, doesn't matter to her! Whatever makes people happy, right? Mikazuki eventually figured that being a hermit elsewhere would suit her better, though, so she's no longer living in Rockpath's home.

Madoka - A colorful Kitsune who recently showed up on the island. Rockpath met her at Leona's and hung out with her at the Halloween Party. Upon hearing her friend was basically homeless, Rockpath let Madoka stay at the house while she was around.

Akagawa - Akagawa is another kitsune. She's short and she is really fluffy. Also, she shared a room with Madoka. It's interesting to see if that works out. Then again, Madoka doesn't really stay in her room. It should all work out fine. Either way, they both disappeared.

Michiko - Another young person (also short) that is occupying Rockpath's house. Due to a bunch of rearranging, she is now living in Zemer's old room (after it was completely refurnished by the young owner). Rockpath is happy to have her, though Maebh probably knows the girl better at this point. Michiko departed from the island, apparently called away by some sort of duty and not feeling enchanted by Yuriba.

Cadance - A horse? Well, Rockpath isn't against pony-people. Her name is really long, and she's a princess. But just call her Cadance. Rockpath is curious to see what will happen there, as she doesn't particularly know Cadance that well. She just ended up staying in her house... And then moved out at one point or another.

Jaymi - One of those people who used to not be, but now is in full. Rockpath has offered her a place to stay, and the woman seems to be going back and forth between her house and Gwendolyn's. She roomed temporarily with Cadance, then stayed in a room with Julia. Then she disappeared.

Julia - A random addition to Rockpath's home. Julia has been seen a bit, but not often enough for Rockpath to really know her. As such, Rockpath just hopes that no trouble comes of anything. She disappeared at some point as well.

Abigail - Rockpath doesn't know this person very well. At all, even. Shizuru ran into Abigail at the gym and they struck up a deal so that Abigail is now living in Rockpath's home.



Alexis - Rockpath's first girlfriend who she met at Leona's one night. Rockpath was a bit hard-pressed when it came to matching schedules with the girl, though, and they eventually just fell out of contact with each other. There was no official call to break it off between them because they just never seemed to be able to talk.

Rorry - Rockpath met Rorry at Leona's as well. They seemed to hit it off well, but Rorry was even more absent than Alexis tended to be, and the relationship found itself much like Rockpath's first: dying due to lack of contact.

Kenina - Rockpath met Kenina at Leona's Bar and Girl. While there were a few others in the bar at the time, Kenina called Rockpath over to the couch so they could chat. Rockpath finds this relatively new girl to be extremely interesting as well as clever. Since they are both intrigued with finding all the springs on the island, they have decided that they would work together on these tricky puzzles. They have conquered many of these springs together. Admittedly, Kenina seems to have gotten Rockpath into some trouble because of their searches. She's not thrilled about that, but oh well. Kenina calls the duo "The Hurricane Spring Hunters". The two started (officially) dating at the end of August. The biggest event closest to this time would be the 2013 Summer Matsuri. Of course, Rockpath can get really embarrassed about being kissed and complimented by Kenina. The two officially broke up at the end of November 2014.

Shizuru - Well, Rockpath is always a little stunned that the label 'girlfriend' applied to Shizuru in her case. It's just something she didn't figure would happen, and yet it did! She probably doesn't say it all that often, though, because it still doesn't feel quite real. Rockpath was extremely loyal to Shizuru, though, and is not likely to be with anyone else.

Previous Appearances

Originally Rockpath was a human.

Rockpath has, some accidental and some not, experienced the blessing of several different waters due to a combination of tarots, accidental fallings into springs, and willingly using the magic waters. Her first form was that of a panda-girl, which she quickly got rid of. It was her first experience with the springs, and she was extremely surprised. The next form she took on was that of a cat-girl. While this was short-lived due to a dissatisfaction with it, Rockpath is able to look back on the experience fondly.

The biggest change since then was Rockpath's evolution into a butterfly-girl, mostly out of curiosity to see what a pair of wings would feel like. Much like Maonyanniichuan, Rockpath briefly enjoyed the experience before realizing she didn't feel amazingly comfortable in this form.

The girl finally found the form that suited her best after a long time of searching. Hunyanniichuan, the fox-girl spring, was what Rockpath easily settled into. She finds herself most comfortable in this form, and has since not changed it.

While moving around to collect the different waters in thermoses, she ended up getting splashed a bit by each of the 'elemental' springs (Yuanquannyanniichuan, Yannyanniichuan, Diaoxiangnyanniichuan, Anyingnyanniichuan, Kongqinyanniichuan, Shunyanniichuan, and Liangnyanniichuan). As such, she gained a temporary elemental appearance with multi-colored eyes and a few tattoos that faded over time. While she's very confused over what exactly happened, the girl is glad she's in fox-form regardless.


Rockpath has acquired some magical powers thanks to the Elemental springs she's jumped into. Thus far, she can summon orbs of fire, water, air, light, shadow, earth, and plant. Time has allowed Rockpath to further understand how her powers work. Each of her elements have a connection to the girl that allows Rocky to use them and direct them freely. However, the orbs also seem to have minds of their own, especially if it seems that Rockpath may be in danger. The elements can be shaped by Rockpath into different things (such as people, foxes, a table, etc. Really, anything Rockpath can visualize).

Typically, one would see Rockpath utilizing the water orb so that she can throw it at people. This usually happens when a person teases her and makes her blush. The victim of such behaviour tends to be breisleach (if only because she teases her the most). Rockpath usually lets people have a mini fireball for warmth. It is set so that it is a comforting warmth and not a 'OMG SO HOT!!!!' burning sensation.

Tetsuko, a shinigami from the Soul Society, gave Rockpath a wooden sword made of materials that come from the Soul Society. Rockpath isn't quite sure what that might entail, but the sword has a few special properties. Due to its spiritual nature (the Soul Society is made from Spirit Particles or something), Rockpath finds it easier to channel her elementals through it. As such, she can infuse her fire, air, and plant elementals with it. She has yet to experiment with the light, shadow, earth, and water elementals, but the possibilities are endless.

Rockpath is also able to turn into a fox. As a fox, only the white tips of her ears and tail disrupt the black fur. She's considerably smaller (and thus lighter) in her new form. Due to being a complete fox, all of her senses are similar to that of one. This means that she can see better at night, though colors are slightly duller than she would see in human form. Her nose and ears a more powerful than her fox-human form (which already has slightly better senses than being a complete human). The fox-girl is able to transform back and forth at will. Since a fox's vocal chords are different than a human, she is able to use telepathy to communicate with others while in full-fox form.

Rockpath acquired the use of an Ice Elemental (during the 2014 First Snow Ceremony). She finds it oddly appropriate that the elemental came to her at such a time in her life.

The Elementals

Note: A lot of this section is OOC-information.

As noted, the elementals that Rockpath controls all seem to have minds of their own. This is simply because they are sentient! However, they have chosen to develop some sort of contract between themselves and Rockpath so that the girl can call upon them whenever she wants. Some of them chose to do it for fun, some chose to do it because they are convinced Rockpath is a decent person and they're willing to protect her, and others do it because 'their friend thought it was a good idea'. Regardless of their actual reasoning, the contract mixes their energies with Rockpath's and permits the girl to understand whatever it is they 'say'. They can act of their own accord if Rockpath is unconscious/asleep, but they usually don't because Rockpath asked them really nicely not to.

The Elementals exist in their own space that they all share. The space is divided into different sections; one for each elemental. If they have an original home, the elementals don't seem to mention it or even need to return to it. The Elementals appear instantaneously when summoned, usually near Rockpath or within some unknown amount of distance of the girl, as either elemental orbs or as a specific shape that Rockpath specifically asks of them. They also seem to each have their own specialties.

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