Original art by Artel
IC Information
Gender/Sexuality: Female/Lesbian
Original Form: Human
Blessed Form: Jusenkyouniichuan (Jusenkyou-Girl)
Place of Origin: United States of America
Birthdate: Mysterious (Late 20's)
Height: 5'7"
Hair Color: Mahogany
Eye Color: Crystal green with flecks of blue, brown, and white in them
Romantic Status: Dating
Jobs: Owner of The Hurricane Skate Rink
House Location: Across from the Spring (#19707) on Engetsu-san on the Mid Rowan Trail (Rocky's House)
OOC Information
Source: Original Character

Kenina actually chose to come to the island instead of just being mysteriously transported there like a lot of people. Her mother use to live on the island many years ago so she knew where it was and with some magical help, came here to seek out magical artifacts and the like as a self-proclaimed treasure hunter.


Physical Description

Kenina use to look entirely human when she first came to the island. Now though, with her exposure to the various Jusenkyou Springs she's had a few changes namely her eyes having been originally hazel leaning toward blue. She also now has a tail and ears. These changes to her human form are known on the island as the effects of Jusenkyou Syndrome.

She stands about 5'7" and has a slender face with a mane of mahogany hair she usually keeps tied back in a messy ponytail except for two small braids on either side of her face. Her ears now stick up close to a foot tall and are a thinner, triangular shape than you'd see on most animals and face to the side instead of forward usually. They're covered in dark goldenrod fur while at the tips are little tufts of tiny feathers, mahogany with black tips. She also wears a pair of purple crescent moon earrings that were her mother's. Her eyes now are a crystal green and if you look in them seem to stretch deep. You can see flecks of blue, white, and brown in them. Her body is athletic from traveling around and especially now wandering around the island. On her chest over her heart is a green spiral with a white blooming rose in the center, her chest somewhere in the B-cup range. The mark came after she acquired the Fox blessing, though she isn't entirely sure what purpose it holds yet. She also has a collection of scars, mostly scrapes here and there though generally they can't be seen while clothed. Behind her is her tail, long and thick covered in dark goldenrod fur with the underside a cream color. It also has an uneven ridge of mahogany and copper tipped fur running down the top. The end of the tail can, when needed, open to become a fin for swimming. Otherwise she has nice legs and a tan from being outdoors. She usually dresses comfortably, which means casually.


Kenina is generally a pretty easygoing person, a likes to think of herself as kind. Growing up exposed to a lot things magical and fantastical in nature, not to mention a love of fantasy books and mythology, she's pretty easygoing with most stuff especially when it comes to some of the "stranger" island inhabitants. She also likes to keep an open mind about most other things. In terms of people, Kenina is usually friendly though not the most social of persons. She does like meeting new people. She also enjoys a good joke and can often be quite silly.

She tends to be curious about things, which usually causes her to ask about stuff going on especially if there's some sort of issue afoot. Particularly when it involves something causing problems on the island that she's grown fond of. She does like helping people though, and if she can will try to help if asked. She will do whatever she can to help those she cares about, and protect them.

Hobbies she likes is treasure hunting and finding artifacts and such. She loves to read, particularly fantasy books, as well as movies and TV when she can. Though it doesn't show up real often she also likes crafting, and when she's inspired, writing. She also loves animals, more so wild animals. Some of her favorites are cheetahs and basically all of the big cats, peregrine falcons and most raptors, the platypus, monkeys, and many others she finds amusing or interesting. She also really enjoys mythology and mythological creatures. She also enjoys uncovering the secrets of the island, and in particular the hidden springs. To date her and Rocky have found 28 springs(Human, Panda, Bunny, Ferret, Cat, Wolf, Shadow, Light, Deer, Crane, Squirrel, Demoness (technically), Harvest Bear, Kangaroo, Salamander, Snake, Tanuki, Sylph, Dryad, Naiad, Otter, Butterfly, Angel, Oread, Fox, Monkey, Qilin, and Ceratopsian). They know there are more out there and are always eager for a rumor or hint to set them on course for a new island mystery.[Special Note: The finding of the Ceratopsian spring is considered strictly OOC. Due to its connection to Inishie it wouldn't make sense, along with being a danger to more than themselves, for Kenina and Rocky to solve it ICly. So while they have solved it, ICly they've never even attempted to look for it beyond knowing it's on Inishie-san]


Before Yuriba

Kenina was born in the US. She doesn't really know her father, raised alone by her mother a self-proclaimed Goddess named Maeven. With her since she was basically born is her companion Cu Sith, like the dogs of myth; large, green, and shaggy. She looks out for Kenina as much as possible. Otherwise Kenina had an actually fairly regular childhood. It was mostly when she had grown up that she started to really explore the world of magic and myth. She became a treasure hunter mainly out of curiosity. Also because, despite being the daughter of a goddess(though she doesn't think of her mother as one), she never seemed to have any special powers. She's had a few adventures, and a couple scars to show for it; like sentient bears, cannibals, running from the yakuza, and an ill tempered witch plus a few others though her treasure hunting experience is limited but she's eager to learn more. She came to Yuriba because she had grown up hearing her mother talk about how much she liked her time on the island(though thankfully not all the details). Also, though few and far between, she'd gleaned information about magical springs that can transform people. This intrigued her, and so with some magical help from her mother Kenina made her way to Yuriba. She brought along three of her "Wild Hunt" that she has along with her on her adventures; Cu Sith, Cwn Annwn, and Old Shuck. Though after the events with Idunna, Old Shuck was injured and Kenina felt it best if he was sent home.

Island Life

Coming to the island has been a great change for Kenina. Shortly after arriving, as she began researching the magical springs, she met Rockpath. The two started off as partners, and as Kenina likes to call them the Hurricane Spring Hunters because they quickly uncovered the majority of the hidden springs in just a couple months after arriving on the island. Kenina also met a lot of fun and interesting people, new friends she enjoys seeing and spending time with when possible. Along with finding the springs, she's found some other interesting things on the island and expects the island to keep coming up with new secrets and adventures. Generally Kenina spends her day wandering the island, or else working at the Hurricane Skate Rink which she built and runs. When she's not doing that she tends to spend her time with Rocky, or else hanging at places like the Baby Seal and visiting with the other island inhabitants. Along with hunting down the springs she's gained elemental powers. Also she gained a unique blessing that seems to be a blend of all the various spring blessings she's acquired so far, which she calls the "Jusenkyou blessing" because of it's mix nature, though maybe not the most appropriate name. Though this has also led her to rethinking things about the springs and she hopes she'll be able to learn more about their nature and true abilities in the future.

The spring of 2014 was mostly pretty normal. Mostly. In April Kenina discovered a path in the Yuriba Forest that hadn't been there before. Bringing along Rocky, of course, they discovered a ruined gazebo covered with thorny vines. It turned out an ancient Faerie sorceress named Idunna came back to life, attacking the two. Rocky went for help at Kenina's urging, but Idunna proved a little too strong and before help could intervene Idunna nearly removed her soul. Thanks to the intervention of the soul of another Faerie Ophelle, Idunna only got a part of Kenina's soul but the process left Ophelle stuck possessing Kenina's body while her soul stayed dormant from the damage. The days Ophelle spent in control of Kenina's body are still a bit fuzzy to her, during that time Idunna used her created mandragora seeds to cause trouble over the island as she worked on a curse to destroy the bonds of love of all on the island. In the past, during the Ancient Era, Idunna, Ophelle, and Cair(pronounced kyair) were good friends. But Idunna secretly loved Ophelle, and Ophelle ended up falling in love with Cair causing Idunna to become consumed with jealously. She plotted and crashed their wedding, causing Cair's death and trapping her soul on the mortal plane so she couldn't be reborn. When Ophelle died her soul remained, in hopes of one day being able to break Idunna's curse so her and Cair could pass on together. In the end Idunna was defeated by the efforts of the islanders and by a bit of divine aid from Zansho through her priestess Sabriel. breisleach retrieved the piece of Kenina's soul and was able to return it. Although she was weakened for awhile, it seems at this time that there are no lasting effects from the injury though mentioning of anything involving losing one's soul or harming the soul does seem to unsettle her a bit. After Idunna's defeat the glade was cleared of the mandragora plants and her victims were cured of any lasting affects. Its unclear if any of the mandragora seeds remain on the island, but people have been made aware to keep an eye out. Kenina repaired the gazebo, restoring it to its former glory where it remains now as a place for lovers and just anyone to come enjoy the forest.

The summer was pretty quiet for Kenina, both Rocky and herself didn't do too much. Visited friends mostly. Rocky did uncover the Qilin spring so that was a fun event for the couple. In July Kenina ended up exploring a bit west of Akibimi-san and came into trouble with some shadowy creatures that attacked her. While she eventually fended them off they left her in poor shape, and even managed to leave her shadow cut and damaged. At this time her shadow still shows the cuts from the attacks, though she hasn't experienced any real negative effects. There were a couple incidents of monsters appearing on the island, but things seemed to quiet down by the end of summer. As it gets into the fall things have been quiet still for the most part. Rocky is busy with college work even while on the island, and Kenina has ended up spending more time exploring and also searching for signs of the shadow creatures in hope of fixing her shadow.

In Nov 2014 Kenina finally tracked down the whereabouts of the person behind the shadow creatures that had started branching out into the village and surrounding area. With the help of others she confronted the person, who turned out to be a member of a long lost race of shadow elementals the Umbra. The woman Rhina seemed to have a plan that involved the black marble but thankfully she was stopped before her plan could be realized. Not before though she returned the piece of Kenina's shadow she had taken. But with it a curse of shadow magic that ended up turning Kenina into an animal. This Beast Kenina is a furry, four-legged version of her blessed form. For now she's roaming wild over the island, whether she is cured is still unknown. Late Nov breis was able to use her magic and change Kenina back to her normal form. She still has no memory of the time she was an animal though. It was after this that Rockpath ended their relationship, though they remain friends.

In Dec, during the First Snow ceremony Kenina found herself feeling some kind of connection with the vision those attending experienced. It took some time, partially due to a severe cold she fell prey to around the first of the year, but eventually she was about to figure it out. With this knowledge she went to Silverbough and entered the lake, emerging in a new form that she likes to dub an ice-girl blessing though it isn't a true jusenkyou blessing but it follows similar features to the other elemental girl springs. She believes the form change is related to her own shapeshifting powers and reflects the understanding she reached and connection she got to the element of ice. Another effect of this, though not one she expected, was gaining use of ice elemental magic. As of this time she's still working out it's use, but she likes to hope it'll be of help. Aside from that Kenina spends most of her time by herself whether in the village, by the beach, or often around Akibimi-san and Silverbough or the hot spring there on the mountain. With the Spring Matsuri festival Kenina reverted back to her normal form from the ice-girl pseudo-blessing she had been wearing, feeling it was probably time to. It's still there though among the other forms. Also after Matsuri she's decided to make more of an effort to track and catch the freed shadow creatures that were loosed upon the Umbra woman Rhina's death. She's managed to meet with an Umbra woman and learned how to use her own shadow magic to bind the wild shadow creatures and capture them. So whenever her or her companions Cu Sith and Cwn Annwn find signs of one she's been tracking them down and capturing them, hopefully before they do any harm to the village or the inhabitants.


Kenina's blessing is pretty unique even among the various island inhabitants. As she explored the island and uncovered the hidden springs she found instead of holding onto just one blessed form it actually became a blend of all the blessings she's acquired. Her blessing itself has gone through a couple evolutions as well. Originally it was more of a hodge-podge of features from the various springs, including multiple tails from the different springs. After acquiring the Fox blessing her form more or less became a whole; including a set pattern to her fur, changes and fusing of features like her wings. This was also the point where her normal form was changed and she acquired the ears of her blessed form and the ability to manifest any one of her multiple tails along with the eyes of her blessed form. Several blessings later her blessed form went through another "refinement" as she likes to think of it when she chose to adopt the Monkey blessing. Where before her blessed form was a more cohesive whole of the parts of the previous blessings she likes to think the way her blessing is now is kind of a distilling of that. Instead of specifically showing features of the various blessings she has a more unique look.

In her blessed form she shows fangs and sports scales up her spine and across her shoulders, along with a horn sprouting from her forehead. Also has a pair of feathered wings, and from the elbow down her arms are covered in fur and she has retractable diamond claws. Her lower body sees the most change with her legs being covered in fur and looking more like a mix of feline and canine in shape. (OOC: I really just didn't want to go into detail about it but if you're really curious come ask me :)).


Through her exposure to the various springs Kenina has acquired some powers. She now senses the energies around her, mainly the ley lines and natural energies of the island. Sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming though she's gotten good and keeping it from doing so. Through this talent she's learned to harness the powers of the elements by drawing energy from around her. She's always working at training her abilities and figuring out new ways to use them. Right now she can use the elements of fire, water, earth, air, light, darkness, plants/wood, and ice. Her ice powers are the first elemental powers she's obtained that aren't tied to a spring, which makes her curious and hopeful for in the future. She is very curious though about learning more about other elements, seeing if she can extend her abilities beyond just the ones that she gained a spring blessing from. Along with elemental magic she also has found herself somewhat of a shapeshifter. Because of all the transformations from the various springs her body as adapted and now she can change at will between any blessing and her own blessed form, without needing water though the hot/cold water still affect her normally. She also has enhanced senses due to the animal nature of her blessing and the changes her normal form has had; increased sense of smell and hearing are the most prevalent though her reflexes have become better as well.



Kenina came to the island with three companions, her pack of dogs she jokingly named her 'Wild Hunt'; Cu Sith, Cwn Annwn, and Old Shuck. They're also supernatural dogs generally associated with the fae of other lands but all very much loyal to Kenina and intelligent as any person as well, so not just well trained pets. Cu Sith is a green, shaggy-haired dog and the leader of the pack. She's been with Kenina since she was really little and is always looking out for her. Cu is actually really friendly, just protective of Kenina so if she feels someone is threatening her she'll get defensive but otherwise is very loving. She's also taken a liking to Maebh and will spend time with her as well. Cwn is a sleeker, white-haired dog with red ears. Cwn is nice, though usually more...calm or reserved than Cu is. And Old Shuck is a big softy though his size of appearance tend to make people nervous. Sadly after a run in with energy sucking mandragora plants Shuck was injured and Kenina felt it was time to send him back home to recover. His departure has made them all sad but it's also for the best. All the dogs, as mentioned, are supernatural in origin and are tougher, stronger, and faster than normal dogs. They also all generally deal with the hunting or capturing of souls and are good hunters. They have the ability to sense souls around them, generally anomalies like bodiless souls. Their nature too also allows them to attack souls where generally corporeal beings can't do so with special equipment or magic. Most of the time the dogs are left to roam the island, and Kenina spends at least some of time each day with them usually.


Allya - Owner of the Baby Seal and Guardian in training. Kenina finds Allya fun and never dull. Also a little weird, but who isn't? And though a lot of the times Allya is all over the place when it counts she very serious about protecting those she cares about, something Kenina respects a lot. She hopes to continue getting to know Allya in the future.

Artel - Another of the Seal's staff, the tiger woman is considerable strong and also really friendly and protective, Kenina likes that about her. Plus tigers are cool. She's also a good cook.

Atara and breisleach - Kenina likes to think of these two as friends, sometimes teachers, and always good sources of wisdom. Though she feels she has the habit of upsetting them more often than not. But she knows they're both very smart and care a lot about people and the island. They also have a pair of rambunctious twins, to which Kenina worries she will one day be punished by being forced to babysit (kidding!!).

Phoebe - Kenina finds Phoebe interesting, in no small part because she's part phoenix and Kenina thinks phoenixes are awesome. Also because Phoebe is a nice person, and fun. She knows her way around a forge and can even forge magical items which Kenina finds fascinating. She also has a familiar, Cabby as Kenina calls her, that's a clockwork dragon who loves having her key wound and laying on feet. Also is a glutton for petting.

Sabriel - A cat-girl that Kenina met through Rocky. Sabi is really nice, and while Kenina doesn't know her incredibly well she took a quick liking to her.

Maebh - Friend and adopted sibling. Little Maebh started out as a roommate at Rocky's house but has moved out to live with Allya, who adopted her as a daughter, and Atropa. Like with Rocky, Kenina seems to have become an older sister and doesn't mind one bit. She enjoys teasing Maebh sometimes, but is also protective of her. At the same time the kid usually has a good head on her shoulders and Kenina knows she cares a lot about her friends and wants to help when she sees them sad. Maebh also took a quick liking to Kenina's companion Cu Sith who also likes the kid and is known to sometimes spend time with her even if Kenina isn't around. Kenina also frequently refers to her by the nickname 'Firecracker' because Maebh tends to be very energetic, almost explosive. Though with recently adopting the Naiad blessing, it might be a little odd calling a girl who's usually always wet Firecracker.

Neiko - She's a shy cat-girl that Kenina met at Matsuri 2013 and became quick friends with. Her shy demeanor and quickness to blush tends to tempt Kenina to playfully tease her at times. But she finds Neiko very nice and enjoyable company, though she doesn't often get to see her. Neiko works at the Yuriba Free Library.

Nell - Nell is a nice young woman who's part owner(though Kenina tends to think of her as sole owner) of the Sunrise Café atop the roof of the Riverview Apartments. Nell is a great chef who really enjoys making crepes and calzones for her café. She's always pretty quarky, always coming up with strange and amusing tales of 'adventures' and things she supposedly does. Though to be fair, there are a lot of strange and fascinating people on the island so who's to say Nell isn't really off doing these things? But generally Kenina thinks they're stories, that and Nell's habit of making up stuff about friends in pure, harmless, jest. She doesn't see Nell too often but considers the woman a good friend.

Gwendolyn - A nice young woman Kenina met in the Seal and who usually is hanging out there. She gets along with her pretty well, and also knows she's a tough person in a fight. Over time Gwen has become a good friend to Kenina, someone she knows she can go to for help and advice on many things. Also a resource if she needs basically anything made!

Miyo - A young, shy kitsune who recently came to the island in Sept of 2014. Miyo seems to have taken quite quickly to Kenina, and Kenina finds the girl nice and tries to help her out by teaching her about the island and just being a good friend. The girl has magic of her own, and has started finding an interest in spring hunting with her discovery of the Shadow-girl spring and adopted the blessing.



Mikazuki - Mikazuki is a native Kitsune of the island, and friend of Shizuru's which is how she came to live in the house. Kenina still isn't sure what to make of Mikazuki(or Zuki as some nickname her) yet since she's spent little time with her. She seems somewhat abrasive yet Kenina believes there's a good nature in there and so has tried to make the effort of extending her a hand of friendship.

Madoka - Madoka is a colorful kitsune who came to the island and wound up living a the house because Rocky found out the girl was homeless and was more than happy to offer her a room. She's nice, spunky at times, though Kenina doesn't see her much. Then again it didn't seem like Madoka even used her room much, but it may just be she's on a different schedule than Kenina which seems to happen with a lot of people in the house.

Akagawa - Akagawa is another kitsune and shares a room with Madoka. Kenina doesn't really know much about her, has barely seen her really anyway but she seemed nice enough.

Lugnasad - Lugnasad is a nice enough young woman who came to stay at the house. Generally polite and kind as far as Kenina can tell though she hasn't spent too much time with her. Lately it seems she's adopted the Deer blessing which Kenina does think suits her.

Michiko - A newer arrival to the house, and one that Kenina has also barely met(a trend). Michiko is a young girl, and also a ninja in training which Kenina thinks is pretty cool. She seems nice enough but hasn't gotten to know her too well though she does seem to be enjoying the house and island.


Zemer - Zemer is green. And naked. Those are the most obvious and first notable things about her. Which out of the two, the naked part actually took Kenina by a bit of surprise just because of her casualness with it. But it seems to be how her people are. Zemer is also really nice and fun, though Kenina didn't get to see her often. Her departure from the house made Kenina sad if nothing else because she was a really good friend of Rocky's and she knows her fox misses her.

Emiko - Emiko was a girl who Kenina always felt she kinda got off on the wrong foot with somehow, though also barely saw her. She seemed to hook up with another former roommate Swiss but otherwise doesn't know much about her.

Swiss - Swiss was a nice enough girl, though a little odd at times. She was very scientific, and at one point Kenina thought so much so she fell into the 'mad scientist' category. She later adopted the cat-girl blessing by somewhat accident after steadfastly not believing in the goddesses or their magical springs but she seemed to really take to the blessing.

Elips - Elips was a nice girl who seemed rather lost upon coming to Yuriba. Kenina couldn't help feeling kinda protective of her, or least looking out for her. She hopes wherever she is now that she's doing well.

Nixie - Nixie is a tiny faerie who can grow somewhat bigger. Nice, though Kenina doesn't really know her and never actually saw her in the house just knew she was apparently staying there for a time with Elips at her request.

Shizuru - Shizuru is Rocky's first roommate. She can usually come across as very polite and composed, and is very skilled with her naginata though Kenina has yet to see the full extent of her skills. Kenina's opinion of Shizuru tends to fluctuate at times, though if nothing else she usually tries to be respectful for the most part for Rocky's sake. It seems that Shizuru returned home, though Rocky keeps her room just in case.

Other Roommates - Kenina is aware there are at least a few other past roommates but the ones listed are the ones that were there while Kenina has been in residence.

Other People

This is sort of a catchall category of people she's met, kind of knows, sorta friends with, or just unsure where to put them. And by no means comprehensive cause I may forget people. I have a hard enough time remembering everyone I've met anyway!

Atropa - Doesn't know her too well though she knows she's kind of adopted Maebh along with Allya and also works at the Seal. Really nice.

Fujiko - Fujiko is the founder of the Yuriba Library, which gives her automatic cool points to Kenina. She also seems to know her stuff and is usually pretty nice and good company.

Ria - Ria is a skunk-girl, and the only one Kenina has seen on the island. And not by a blessing either, but naturally from her world. She doesn't see her often and can't say she knows her real well but she's nice and since meeting her when she arrived has enjoyed her company.

Necahual - Neca, or snakeysnake as Rocky sometimes calls her is a couatl which is totally cool to Kenina, but also a really nice person.

Cassidy - Cassidy is a wolf-girl by blessing, and Sentry of Engetsu. Kenina can't claim to really know her, only spent a brief bit of time with her and feels she's probably not on the most friendly of sides with her anyway. She's a friend of Rocky's and has helped Rocky find a connection of sorts with Engetsu which Rocky seems to enjoy.

Aimiko - Kenina doesn't really know the woman very well, though sees her often at the Seal, usually with Gwendolyn. She's nice though.

Adelcia - A nice woman who Kenina met and use to see around the Seal a lot. She also works at the Belle Coeur Salon, or at least she thinks she still does. Kenina hasn't seen her in a long time, so unsure if she's still on the island or has moved on. But she enjoyed the woman's company and hopes she's doing well.


Rockpath - Kenina first met Rocky at Leona's Bar & Girl one morning. She doesn't exactly know why, but Rocky came in and Kenina called her over to the couch with her and just started talking. They quickly realized they both shared a fascination with hunting down the springs and became partners. That partnership grew into true friendship and more as time went by. Kenina eventually moved in with Rocky at her invitation and generally can be found with her. Kenina finds Rocky very sweet and nice, and enjoys how smart and beautiful she is, though usually such compliments illicit much blushing. "Officially" they started dating Sept 1, 2013, the last day of Matsuri, which made Kenina incredibly happy. Kenina is quite known for kissing and snuggling Rocky even in public much to her embarrassment. Also Kenina usually refers to her as "fox" or "lovely fox", often with a "my" before that. Kenina is quite protective of Rocky though she knows she can take care of herself if needed. Rocky is currently doing college work so is quite often busy, but Kenina is really proud of her hard work and always is cheering her on and there for her if she needs it. As of Nov. 30 Rocky broke up with Kenina for reasons. They're currently trying to stay friends. During the Summer of 2015 Rocky reached out to Kenina but the two seemed to end up being friends.

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